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The below letter is from our Suffolk County President Christopher Thompson regarding the County's response to COVID-19.  Division 5's contact is our President, Larry Hurley who can be reached at 631-813-0639. 



We realize these are difficult times and as an organization dedicated to Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity we want you to know you are not alone.  The AOH is here to help. 


The Suffolk County Board and all of its Division Presidents are putting a plan in action to support the individual needs of our members.  


Specific concerns and needs should be discussed with your division president and that information will be immediately forwarded to the County Board if the need cannot be met on the Division level. 


While we cannot guaranty a solution our membership is comprised of the most resourceful men I have ever met.  No problem will be considered too small or too big to insure a response.


Stay healthy, wash your hands often and avoid crowds when possible.  We look forward to exiting this crisis as a stronger organization.

Christopher Thompson, ESQ.


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